Now is the time for us all to work together to build a movement. We need to tell our industry's story, further care for and train our existing workforce, and create clear pathways for people to join and succeed in the Dirt World. It's all possible, but only together, and time is of the essence.

Help us secure the future of the Dirt World.


Invest in yourself

Become better at what you do and who you are. Take advantage of free training whenever you can and take care of yourself so that you can keep showing up each and every day.

Invest in your people

Your people are your greatest asset. Invest in them through healthy work environments, good company culture, training opportunities, and clear paths for growth.

Open the eyes of the next generation

Bring awareness to the awesome work you do. Use #betterdirtworld on social media so that the next generation can get an inside look at the industry.

Represent the movement

Got #betterdirtworld swag? Show it off. Slap on that hard hat sticker and walk onto the jobsite with pride–because what you do matters.

Join Better Dirt World

Purchase a kit and join the movement. Whether you’re an individual or a company, there are multiple membership levels for you to chose from.


People are the foundation upholding the Dirt World. Fixing an industry-wide problem is too big for one company to do alone, it’s expensive and needs to be corrected as a united front. Funding goes directly to: 

  • Change the narrative

    Producing more content that tells story of the Dirt World to outsiders, changing what people think about the blue-collar world

  • Sponsor students

    Get BuildWitt Training into the hands of high school students to learn with and their teachers to use as an educational tool.

  • Career development

    Pave new pathways into the industry so that there are clear ways to get started and advance in the Dirt World

  • Provide better training

    Create quality content to help train the next generation and upskill the current workforce

  • Build community

    Building an online community for the Dirt World through new digital means so that they can connect, share knowledge, build relationships, and become a stronger community

  • Increase awareness

    Media and marketing resources to help recruit the next generation



The demand for the Dirt World is only going to keep growing.... 


You might be just one person, but should be proud of the...